Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Day 63: Where Credit is Due...

I claim credit for two inventions. I didn't patent them, but I still think I had the idea first.

First. When I was in second grade (or maybe third) we had to "Invent" something. Come up with the idea, draw a picture of it, and explain it. My idea? You could have paint brushes, but there would actually *be* paint in the brush, so you wouldn't have to dip it in paint. It would be less messy. Isn't that brilliant? Well, you can imagine what I thought, years later, when I saw these...

Someone stole my brilliant idea!! I'll bet it was that kid in my class, Nathan. He was always stealing my best ideas and taking credit for them. Like when we decided to start singing "Don't Worry, Be Happy" in the middle of a multiplication tables test because our teacher hated that song, and we figured turn about was fair play.

My second brilliant invention? *smile* That. That's my second brilliant invention. To the best of my recollection, I started typing *smile* and *grin* and *grimace* in e-mails in mid-1997. I came up with it on my own, and have yet to find evidence that anyone used it sooner than that. Now, it may be possible that it was invented by more than one person at the same time. Like calculus, the Spouse informs me. I'd like to believe that the people I e-mailed, used it too, and then the people they e-mailed used it, and so on.

I can't prove it, but that's my story, and I'm stickin' to it. Have you ever invented anything--whether you meant to or not?


RaT Babies said...

I don't think I have invented anything, but my DH decided just before Christmas that he could earn a fortune if he could invent a photo frame that held digital photos ... you should have seen his bubble burst when I told him they already existed :( And then to rub salt into the wound, I bought him one as a Christmas present!

Cristina said...

I invented sidewalks that roll and go by themselves, so you don't have to walk (yes, I am *that* lazy...). And small red cars for children, which are just like the big cars, but only fit one child and go a bit slower. My third and fourth invention were the wireless phone and the video phone. However, I never told anybody about these inventions, even though I invented them in the '80s. They must have been mind readers... Too bad, I could have made good money for some of those :-)


dave said...

You know how portable phones can be called by the base to help you find it? I wanted to put something like that on my keys, the remote, my wallet, etc. "I'll make millions!" I thought. Well, then I looked on line and it looks like someone else already thought if it and marketed it (and as of right now, they are sold out). http://www.keyringer.com/. When I first looked this up a few years ago my bubble was burst even further as the only sites I found that marketed these items were directed towards elderly people. This one is a little more subtle - notice they have five househeld items as examples, two of which are "cane" and "eyeglass case".

The Smiths said...

I've never invented a thing. My friend Mary Jane, however, has. Back in the early 80s MJ and her cousin Courtney used to borrow MJ's dads video camera and make commercials to show at the annual family reunion.

One year, MJ and Courtney hawked Hemorrhoidal Wippees. MJ had the hemorrhoids, Courtney had the wippees.

If only their parents had called the patent office instead of sinking into their chairs in mortification.

Embers said...

I've always used the following in ims and stuff :


I've never met or seen or heard of a huggle until I invented it. But recently I've noticed many copy-cats who are stealing my beautiful word/expression! Worst is most don't know the true meaning of the huggle!

I also have never met or spoken of the huggle to many of these people!

I secretly believe that somehow my word got around, and that's how they know it.