Thursday, January 8, 2009

Day 48: Three broken toes.

First, I just have to say, that before I write every night, I spend time looking at other people's blogs. I love how funny some of them are--love how real others are. I'm nearly always impressed with what I find there. So, if you're a blogger like me and you wonder if anyone ever reads what you write, maybe it'll make you happy to know that I probably do.

Now, on to the story of "This Little Piggie."

This little piggy went to make dinner,
and This little piggy got stubbed.
This little piggy had bruises,
but This little piggy had none.
But this little piggy, the tiniest piggy of all?
Tripped on my daughter's Body Book and cried "Eee ee eeee!" all the way home.

Seriously?? THREE broken toes at once. How pathetic/clumsy am I? It's just because I resolved to exercise more, I think.

And yes, that was my creative exercise for the night. *little chuckle*


RaT Babies said...

Are you serious? Has this just happened, or was it an event from the past? OWIE OWIE OWIE! To quote my little "Bug" "Becca got sore toe, Becca need a Dr, Becca go in ambulance, Dr make it better, Becca pray Jesus make it better!"

Erin said...

seriously? ouch! i'm so sorry.

Suzy said...

I'm a bit behind on my reading...but OUCH!!!! I had one broken pinkie toe once - and it hurt like the dickens...I can only imagine 3!!!!

Anonymous said...

Yes, I agree that it was the committment to exercise karma.

I planned to start "becoming a runner" on my 30th birthday, a Sunday this year. I imagined a lovely Sunday afternoon jog (not that I've ever jogged before, but...).

The Friday before this much anticipated day, my daughter (1 year) drops a cast iron pinecone on my big toe (thankfully it wasn't hers). Needless to say, it took the proverbial wind out of my running sails...