Thursday, January 15, 2009

Day 54: 100 Goals

My high school psychology teacher assigned us to write a list of 100 Goals. I think she'd gotten the idea from Chicken Soup For The Soul or something. We had to write 100 goals. They needed to be specific. Below is my list. The ones in bold are ones I've accomplished. Italics are the ones I'm working on this year.
1. Give away a Book of Mormon to a person in all 50 states.
2. Perform in a play.
3. Hold a local, state, or national political office.
4. Serve an LDS Mission
5. Hike Mt. Timpanogas
6. Get my picture taken with Mickey Mouse
7. Stand on the shores of Pacific, Atlantic, and Indian Oceans.
8. Scuba/snorkel off the coast of Hawaii, Australia, the Mediterranean, the Caribbean
9. Go to the top of the Cologne Cathedral and the Eiffel Tower
10. Drink hot chocolate in the Alps in January
11. Buy a painting in Florence, Italy.
12. Read 100+ works of classic literature
13. Read a book in a foreign language.
14. Visit: Yosemite, Acadia, the Everglades, Carlsbad Caverns, and Mt. Rushmore
15. Take a church history tour
16. Kayak from Alaska to Mexico or Maine to Florida (NO desire to do this anymore. What was I thinking???)
17. Spend a week in Washington DC
18. Tour the Smithsonian and Holocaust Museums
19. Sail in the South Pacific (around Tahiti)
20. Go boating in the fjords of Norway
21. Visit the Rock of Gibraltar
22. Ride camels in Egypt.
23. Climb Mt. Kilimanjaro and visit an African game preserve
24. Go skiing in Vermont.
25. Go clam digging in Connecticut or Cape Cod
26. Go on a cruise.
27. Graduate from high school.
28. Graduate from college (Ba, Ma, PhD?)
29. Build a house.
30. Have a scholarship named after me.
31. Go to a running of the bulls in Spain. (not participate. view.)
32. Go to a performance in the Sydney Opera House and a Broadway play in New York and London.
33. Take a picture of a whale in the wild.
34. Shake the president's hand.
35. Participate in a Live Studio Audience.
36. Go to old friend's wedding receptions.
37. Build a tree house with/for my kids.
38. Stay at three nice hotels.
39. Own a horse, a cow, a sheep, some chickens.
40. Know the works of Beethoven, Bach, Mozart, and Handel.
41. Read the great works of Austen, Twain, Dickens, and the Brontes.
42. Attend all the large LDS temples in the world.
43. Go to Europe.
44. Bicycle from Coast to Coast.
45. Go camping in the Redwoods.
46. Have a lot of kids.
47. Marry a returned missionary.
48. Live to be 100. (Again--no desire to do this anymore.)
49. Learn to crochet.
50. Make myself an outfit.
51. Swim in the Great Salt Lake.
52. Touch a seal, a dolphin, a manta ray, and a sea turtle.
53. Bag a photo trophy of 5 exotic animals in the wild.
54. See the Himalayas
55. Visit Asia (Shanghai, Beijing, Tokyo, Manila, Bangkok)
56. Visit/volunteer in an orphanage (Ghana, Romania, Russia, China)
57. Keep an ongoing journal and scrapbook.
58. Visit Stonehenge, the chalk cliffs, Cornwall.
59. Live in a tropical area.
60. Write a book.
61. Have foster kids in my home.
62. Gather honey.
63. Have my portrait taken in a field of wildflowers.
64. Take a tour of NASA.
65. Enroll in a dance class.
66. Learn to oil paint.
67. View a solar eclipse.
68. learn to fly an airplane.
69. Make ice cream with my kids.
70. Pull a great April Fool's Joke, just once.
71. Get up early to go walking.
72. Be a happy person.
73. Learn to do yoga.
74. Try sushi, caviar, calamari, seaweed, and pate.
75. Learn to cry.
76. Have an orchard with apricots, cherries, peaches and a berry patch.
77. Bottle my own fruits and veggies.
78. Learn to do a graceful 360 degree turn on ice skates.
79. Have poetry published.
80. Walk barefoot along the ocean shore in a cotton dress and a hat.
81. Watch the sun rise over the Atlantic and set over the Pacific on the same day.
82. Learn to take beautiful pictures.
83. Take a San Francisco trolley.
84. Go to General Conference in the Tabernacle.
85. Bond with my college roomies.
86. Take time to read to my kids.
87. Willingly learn to keep my room clean.
88. Snowshoe in West Yellowstone.
89. Learn to ski.
90. Cut down my own Christmas tree.
91. Play in the snow with my kids.
92. Have a butterfly garden.
93. Catch lobster off the coast of main.
94. Go to Disneyland or Disney World
95. Go to the zoo.
96. Have my own study/library.
97. Own a baby grand piano.
98. Write a letter to my grandparents.
99. Buy a trampoline.
100. Have a huge bonfire with my family.

So, that's 40 down. It's a really interesting exercise to do; the first 50 are easy, but after that?? Watch out. When I told The Spouse (then The Fiance) about this list he said, "I'm supposed to live my life following the whims of an emotionally unstable 17 year old girl?" Um. Yep.


RaT Babies said...

Poetry? What poetry? Share... Yet another string to your bow.

Love learning more about the friends who live inside my laptop

ME said...

Yeah. I'm interested about the poetry too. And I could help you out with the crochet thing. After all, I am a grandma-in-training.