Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Day 46: Horror

Rebecca R.

Charlotte, North Carolina

* Bachelor of Arts Brigham Young University GPA 3.74 9/2000--6/2004
Major: Humanities with an English Emphasis, German Minor

*Associate of Arts Ricks College GPA 3.84 2/1998--6/1999
ajor: General Studies

Work Experience
Homemaker 6/2004 -- present

BYU Bookstore 1/2003--2/2004
Custom Framing: Assembled and completed custom framing of prints and artwork, requiring an attention to detail, an eye for design, and excellent customer service.
Contact: Todd (801) 123-4567

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints 4/2001-- 11/2002
Church representative and missionary: Lived and worked in Switzerland, which required a working knowledge of the German language, as well as strong interpersonal skills and extensive self-motivation.
Contact: N. Hahl (801)123-4567

A. Rodriguez 9/1999--5/2000
Live-in nanny: Provided child care for four children, ages 0-11 years, as well as household management.
Contact: M. Mayorga (801) 123-4567

Church Education System 6/1999-8/1999 and 5/2000-8/2000
Youth Counselor, Especially For Youth: Supervising, teaching, and mentoring youth for five day religiously based camps held on various campuses around the United States.
Contact: J. Smith (801) 123-4567

Character References
T. Cheney Ecclesiastical leader (704) 123-4567
L. Coombs Neighbor and friend (704) 123-4567

Note: Okay. I know. It's the most boring entry EVER. But I was looking at my brothers resumes and thinking about how AWFUL and out of date mine is now. It got me itching to do one. So go ahead, check "Bo-ring". *hmmph*

Of course, it also got me thinking "Would I really include Homemaker under my work experience?" That's a tough question for me. I've never worked harder at anything in my LIFE and nothing I've ever done has required more skill. Thanks to this "motherhood/wife" position, I can fluently converse with people in the medical field, the education field, the speech therapy field, the finance field, the home repair and car repair fields, among others. I mean, seriously?? Does it really not belong on my resume?


Denise said...

Why "horror"? Your resume looks like mine- except for the college degree, the 18 months in Switzerland, the youth couselor, and nanny. Yes, domestic engineer and master communicator do belong on the list. While we're at it, facilitator for a many faceted family corporation sounds nice too. Forget cook, nurse, housekeeper- everyone knows they go with the job- as does the satisfaction and (dare I say it?) the Joy. Denise PS- you ought to do an entry on the funny little words in funny little fonts that are used to verify that we really belong where we are on line. Odd, funny things!

InkMom said...

I'm with Denise. Why didn't you write down any of the skills developed while mothering and homemaking that would make you an invaluable asset to whatever company to which you might choose to apply?

I had a sales job before I had kids and when I think back to all the traveling I did (my territory was all of NC/SC and I traveled regularly to Memphis and Ft Lauderdale for sales meetings) I can hardly fathom that that used to be my life. Crazy.

Erin said...

looks better than mine. at least you have that college degree!!

Gretchen said...

I haven't *dared* to do a resume in YEARS. I agree that your skills and talents acquired in your work at home DO BELONG on a resume! Don't forget "highly efficient" and "multitasking" as excellent work traits!