Sunday, January 25, 2009

Day 61: Put a lime in the coconut...

Woe to me. I am trying to think of something to write, and I'm coming up empty. Truly. In trying to tune into my own mind, I'm getting either a busy signal or a monotone hum. I can't really tell which.

So I wrote an entry with some of my political opinions, but then thought, "Wasn't yesterday's entry punishment enough for these poor people, Bec? Do you want to scare people away for good????"

So I "saved draft" but didn't "publish" my opinions on the war in Gaza, Barack Obama, The Freedom of Choice Act, or No Child Left Behind. (Quick summary: against, pro, against, against).

But if I'm not going to drag you all through the mud of my opinionated, red-personalitied rantings, then what is left to write about????????

The answer? Lime sherbet.

I LOVE lime sherbet. I love how it looks, on top of an ice cream cone. Vibrant, fresh green in all it's shimmering, slow-to-melt goodness. That first bite, when the cold smell reaches your nose and clears out all the cobwebs that have been hanging around in your mind. The tart, tingly taste of it wakes me up and makes my toes wiggle, a sure sign of delight.

I have loved lime sherbet since I was a little girl, and my mom took me to Ray's Drive-thru on the hill for a mother-daughter date. She handed me this gigantic, towering ice cream cone with green sherbet and a little, plastic pony on top. I had never had such a treat. It rivalled even her late-night red pudding as my favorite treat.

I swear it does wonders for my soul. Especially if I'm having a night where my head is stuck in the sea of mental doldrums. Right now, it's all I want in the world. But I mayn't have any because it's Sunday and, you know, thou shalt not, and all that. But I can dream. And it's better than punishing all of you with my political opinions. (If only this blog were scratch n' sniff. Then it really would be my best entry ever...)


Heather said...

You're funny. I love the variety you dish out to us. :)

Perhaps I'll bring some lime sherbet to your house this week . . . :)

Denise said...

Lime sherbert...perfect! For one who was empty you did well. Your mom is a lucky lady. denise

InkMom said...

My dad used to make lime sherbet and ginger ale floats with gingersnaps on the side . . . I still feel like a little kid when I eat one. Yum!

On a totally unrelated note, I just posted something that actually screams for the kind of literary criticism you ask for on your blog . . . so if you feel like returning the favor, I'd be obliged.

I don't really know you, but I feel like I do . . . so thanks for that.