Saturday, January 24, 2009

Day 60: Clementine, bio.

The Spouse is home!!!!! Maybe life can get back to normal and I can stop skipping days around here. Sheesh. I feel like such a slacker.

Funny thing about the picture accompanying the makeup post: I think it's funny that they have those dots to represent flaws on a face that is absolutely flawless. Every time I look at it, it makes me laugh.

I'm working on expanding my little story about Clementine. She's intriguing to me. I want to get to know her better. One of the things that I find interesting, as I write, is the authority of creating an entire character. To imagine their likes, their dislikes, their fears, their stats, their environment. What bugs then? What do they love? What are their secrets? So, tonight, here's the beginning of my biography of Clementine...

Full name: Clementine Josephine Waters (Clementine actually has no middle name, so she gave herself one. It's after Josephine March from Little Women.)
Birthdate: December 19, 1994
Location: Pennsylvania (or Virginia... hm...)
Height: 5 feet, 5 inches
Weight: 110 pounds (thin, but not skinny... is this right? Believe me, I went from 60 pounds to 145. I don't recall ever being 110 pounds.)
Hair color: dark brown (kind of a chestnut brown, straight and fine)
Eye color: brown (with gray and gold flecks in them)
Shoe size: 8 (but she wishes she were a 7)
Favorite color: periwinkle
Favorite food: chicken masala (Indian) or hummus on warm pita bread (her mom wonders where in the world this child came from since she only serves dinners that end in "...Helper".)
Favorite book: Jane Eyre and Little Women
Favorite movie: Dead Poets Society and Napoleon Dynamite
Favorite smell: coconut sunscreen in the summer, otherwise, vanilla
Favorite fruit: red currants (she's never actually tasted currants, but she just knows that she'd love them.)
Fears: being in a store when it's closing, fire, boys.
Siblings? 1, a younger brother named Nathaniel.
Pets? None. (yet)
Intended college major: Law

See what I mean? I just wrote all that stuff out--whatever was the first thing that came to mind. Some of them, I find myself going back and thinking, "Really? She only has one brother?" or "Really--she's from Pennsylvania? Are you sure she's not from Virginia?"

Okay, readers--add stuff. I'd love to hear what you "know" about Clementine. Help me shape this character....


InkMom said...

All I know is I don't think she was born yet when "Dead Poet's Society" came out. So does that make her an aficionado of old movies? No? Then it just makes me old.

Denise said...

Help shape Clementine? No no no- (said like Jane in the animated version of the movie "Tarzan"-) She is for you to reveal, and us to discover. I like what you've done- I already love her. I know she is watchful, determined, and brave. You have revealed already that her imagination is wonderous- and she will bring delight to her fans with every silently voiced opinion and adventure. More on Clementine, more!!! Denise

dave said...

i like the exercise you are doing of creating a character. The hard thing I have with this description though is accepting the parts where she mimics you, like her choice in novels. I think you would love the name Clementine, and therefore, if she doesn't, she must not be anything like you.