Saturday, January 3, 2009

Day 43: Winter

Writing Prompt 2:
Write about one of the five senses
(related to your winter experience):
The smells of winter
The smell of winter is the smell of snow on boots, standing in the hallway, with slushy water puddling around them. It is the smell of hoar frost and fog on a still morning. It is the smell of wet car mats and salt on the roads.
The sights of winter...
The sights of winter are the bare, white branches of a tree with a single red bird. Frozen and re-frozen puddles with gasoline rainbows in them. Red brake lights reflecting off of wet roads. Geese on black water. Snow billowing and blowing off a rooftop. Winter is red mittens and black coats, and thick socks with holes in the heel. A bright blue sky against a radiant white field of snow. Water particles frozen in the air, making the whole world glitter like a snow globe. A tired sun setting behind drab, dirty roofs.
The sounds of winter...
The sounds of winter are an ice scraper on a windshield. The click of the pilot light and the furnace turning on in the night. The sound of snow crunching beneath your feet. Hearing your own breathing and heartbeat in your ears as you go on a walk with a hat and hood on.
The touch of winter...
The touch of winter is air so cold that it makes your nose hair freeze together and sting. It is the rush of bright red cheeks, and numb fingers that you have to run under cold water before you can run it under warm. It is frozen, raw wrists between your coat and gloves. It is the twisting weight of grocery bags as you try to make only one trip in from the car. It is a warm bed in a cool room first thing in the morning. Tingling hands in gloves when you exercise.
The tastes of winter...
The tastes of winter are scalding hot chocolate and thick, sticky oatmeal. Rich, heavy stew on a Sunday afternoon, with warm bread. Macaroni and tomato juice, heaped with grated cheddar cheese. Roast beef and potatoes, with gravy.

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