Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Day 58: Home Again, Home Again

Let's talk about the state of my life today.

We had a three day weekend that ended yesterday, with Martin Luther King Day. Until we woke up this morning to snow. The spouse is still in Africa, another day off of school, and the board was set for the game. Among other things, my day contained:

*The making of first snow angels and a first snowman.
*Much begged for hot chocolate, that no one would drink.
*Watching, and getting teary-eyed, at every second leading up to and including the inauguration.
*A four year old who locked herself into her bedroom in defiance.
*A 29 year old who had a two year old that needed a diaper change, and said diapers were behind said locked door.
*A door that no longer has a doorknob.
*A two year old that jumped into a tub full of cold water, provided by the four year old, while I was nursing.
*Wondering if your four year old is going to start using the phrase "I am going to LOSE it." in front of her teachers.
*A trip to the local Wal-o-rama to buy stuff to make 9 quiches.
*Watching the Neighborhood Inaugural Ball and thinking two things: 1) Is Beyonce's dress just really pointy, or are those...um...?? 2) Maybe President and First Lady Obama, who had a wonderful and sweet "first dance" as the "first couple" should try out for Dancing With the Stars. That deacon shuffle was a bit painful.
*Making those 9 quiches, which eventually rendered my kitchen a perfect replica of an exploded quiche.

I really hope it doesn't snow tonight...


Christina said...

What on earth possessed you to make so much quiche??

I like the little peek at your Tuesday...

DeNae said...

Becca I just wanted you to know I can finish the line in your title for this post! Don't you love it when someone gets you??

And thank you for dropping by my blog and taking the time to say 'hi' and so much more. It means a lot to me, a fellow aspiring writer!

(...the line is "Jiggity, jig"! Woo hoo!)

Erin said...

what in the world possessed you to make 9 quiches?

i am sorry you had such a stressful day!

Steph @ Diapers and Divinity said...

Thank you for occasionally having a day like this and surviving it. Really.