Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Day 91: I wonder...

Today, I wonder...

Why, when I was 5 years old and I asked my mom how babies get out of a woman's body, did she mysteriously reply "No one knows"?

Why is our neighbor driving his 4 wheeler up and down our street? Is his car out of gas? Is he bored? Does he think that driving on my lawn is really considered "off roading"? And doesn't he have *anything* better to do?

Why I have to clean my house, before I clean my house? Do you guys know about this? I finally work up the ambition to clean my house, but before I can clean my house, I have to clean my house. Before I can sweep and vacuum, all the things on the floor must be put away. Before I can dust, I have to put away the books, dvds, and papers that are on top of things. Before I can clean the toilets, they must all be flushed. (Okay, maybe that was a little too much By the time I've cleaned my house, I no longer have the energy/desire to clean my house. It's a vicious cycle.

Why does a sandwich slathered with peanut butter and the last of the homemade freezer jam taste SO DARN GOOD when you're on a diet?

Why is it that I have an exersaucer, a bouncy chair, a swing, a Bumbo seat, a high chair, a crib, Baby Bjorn, a sling, and a carseat when Baby Person only wants to be in my arms?

How am I going to get the Valentine mylar balloons that have lost their strings down from our ceiling before the 4th of July? Should I just leave them there? Does that make us white trash? (Perhaps the "flushing" comment above should be enough to answer that one....)

What are *you* wondering today?


Christina said...

I'm wondering when I'll become less of a pushover and Mr. C will start napping in *his* bed and not ours!

The Edwards said...

Becca! I found a blog for you! Okay maybe you have it posted on facebook but I don't use that much. How are you?