Sunday, March 15, 2009

Day 101: Fields of Gold, Chapter 10

I walked into my apartment, sat down at my desk, and opened the envelope.

Inside were three letters, two cassette tapes, and an extra envelope.

Inside the envelope were pressed flowers from Southern Utah--the colors still vibrant. He sent them, because he thought I would like them. (I did.)

On the two cassette tapes was new music for me to listen to, since he figured I would be tired of the music I had. (I was.)

Nervously, I opened each letter in the order it had been written. The first was light-hearted, and talked about how things had been going since he broke up with Mary. He mentioned going to his family reunion at Panguitch Lake, where he'd gathered me the flowers in a meadow next to the church. I set the letter aside with relief. No new girlfriend, yet. The second letter talked about getting into school, and that he was living in the Russian House to perfect his Russian skills. Second letter down, with no girl news, and one letter to go. So far, so good.

The third letter was short--just an explanation about why he hadn't sent the letters and package earlier. He told me that he'd met a cool girl, from Russia, and they'd been hanging out. Scrawled next to that, quickly, was the note "We're dating now. Cool, huh?"

"Not cool" I thought "Not cool at all." Visions of hot, slender, European women appeared in my head and mocked me. "Maybe she has bad teeth...or really big feet." I thought. But that didn't console me. He was going to go and fall in love with a gorgeous Russian. I just knew it.

I fumed inwardly. I'd been asking for a sign, and I'd gotten a great package that also had news of a (hot) Russian girlfriend. WHAT KIND OF SIGN WAS THIS?!


heather said...

Oh yipppeee!! I was suffering from withdrawals. Beautiful as you my dear.

Steph @ Diapers and Divinity said...

Can I just say that signs are not all they're cracked up to be. They can be pretty darn confusing.

Denise said...

I missed yesterday's installment too- thank goodness you're back. Today was good- believe me, we're all right there with you! Denise