Sunday, March 22, 2009

Day 107: Fields of Gold, Chapter 16

So where did this leave us? Were we thinking about dating, or were we dating? I had no idea.

The next afternoon, the phone rang. I answered and heard Dave's deep voice on the other end, "Hi," he said. I could hear the smile in his voice, as well as a slight nervousness I'd never heard before. I grinned. "You want to try dating?" he teased "Alright. Will you go on a date with me this Friday?" I certainly would.

We went on our first real date in almost 3 years. I had forgotten so much about those few weeks when we'd dated the first time, but I found it all coming back in waves. How he liked for me to reach over and unlock his car door after I got in the car first. How we each had a side of the sky, and how I teased him that the stars were better on my side. The topics of conversation we liked to dwell on, and the views that we both savored. It was so easy and utterly uncomplicated. One night, as we sat with our arms wrapped around each other, he said "Why does this feel so normal?" I replied "Because it's right." At least, for me it was.

We spent time together and went on dates, but I could tell that Dave was still conflicted and uncommitted. I signed a contract on an apartment in Provo, only a few blocks from his apartment. I decided that if we were ever going to really date, there needed to be no more than a short walk involved. I wondered what was holding him back. I wondered what in the world his was thinking, most of the time. It was so much easier for me, since I could see so clearly where I wanted us to be--what I really thought we could be. I could tell he wasn't sure.

I could tell because, three years later, and the man had still never kissed me. I won't go into what that will do to a girl's self esteem. I knew him well enough by now to know that he wasn't going to do anything that implied he felt more than he did. He is true to himself, as well as honest with others. And unlike my impatient 19 year old self who just wanted a kiss before he left for Jerusalem, I found myself somewhat more content to wait. I knew that when, and if, he ever did kiss me--he would mean it.

But, then again, New Year's Eve was coming. New Year's Eve 2002-2003. I knew that things would change this year. They would go one way or the other, for better or for worse. I almost didn't want to know what he would choose. My choice was made.

He asked me what I was doing for New Years and we planned to go to First Night, this time in Provo. I didn't know, when he asked me if I wanted to spend New Year's Eve with him, that he would be inviting another girl along, too.


jani said...

You know Bec, it's a good thing I've met Dave and that he at least seemed like a good guy- otherwise I could post comments that would not be so nice about him *grin*

Carly said...

Oh, the torture!

Denise said...

AAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!! It's a good thing I have the reassuring knowledge that this all works out.... I can't wait for tomorrow's chapter. please do not even consider taking tomorrow off writing wise. Perhaps you may even throw in an extra paragraph or two- you know- the part where he decides and, um, kisses you... pull-eeeze! Denise (I know, I'm a real mess, huh?)

Nicole B. said...

By the way, I totally remember this time because we were all wondering what he was thinking too! We knew what was supposed to happen. We loved you already. Silly boy.