Thursday, February 19, 2009

Day 82: Radio Hour

cue soft organ music

Women's voice: Women are only out to get one thing. One thing they desire above all else. One thing to be achieved above all else. What is this thing that lies at the heart of a woman's heart?

organ music fades, sound of footsteps, the hiss of a steam engine, a large clock chiming.

Elise: Oh! I just know we're going to miss it--Paul, what track?
sound of rustling
Paul: Two. Track two--just down there.
footsteps pick up speed
Elise: Hurry!
sound of door opening at the same time you hear a train begin to chug and lurch forward

Elise: sighs We made it! I thought for sure we weren't going to get here on time.
Paul: calmly I don't know why you ever doubt me, my love. You worry entirely too much.
Elise: laughingly And you don't worry at all.
sound of luggage being placed on the floor and pushed under seats

Elise: So, since you've planned this whole trip so secretly, will you tell me yet where we're going?
Paul: You already know where we're going.
Elise: exasperated Well, it's obvious we're in Zurich. It's also obvious that we're leaving. I know we're on a train, but I don't know it's destination.
Paul: chuckles You were the one who said that you wanted our honeymoon to be a surprise.
Elise: pouting But it appears you're going to a keep it a surprise all the way through.

A door opens with a woosh, making the sound of the train louder.
Conductor: Karten, bitte schoen. Tickets, please.

sound of papers rustling, the click of a hole punch, and the door closes again

Paul: Don't worry. You will see where we're going soon enough.
sound of a kiss on the head and Elise laughs lightly

organ music grows louder, then fades. Sound of the train coming to a halt.

Elise: Luzern... Luzern! Is this where we're getting off?
Paul: It is. And it is all yours--the bridge, the cobblestone, the lake, the swans. All ordered especially for you.

luggage pulled out, door opens, and a sound of general train station hubub.

Elise: Paul, wait just one minute. I left something in the compartment of the train.
footsteps, door opening, slight rustle, then door and footsteps again as the train gives a lurch and the whistle signals it's about to leave
Paul: teasing I can see I'll have to keep a close eye on you so you don't get lost.

walking out into the city
Elise: Why, it's beautiful! As beautiful as I've imagined it for years.
Paul: You sound so surprised!
Elise: How often does it happen, that something lives up to the expectations in your mind? Especially someplace you've wanted to see for a very long time?
Paul: Rarely. And agreed--it is breathtaking. Our hotel isn't far, would you like to walk, or shall I arrange a taxi?
Elise: Oh, let's walk. I'm longing to walk.

Elise: Look! Look at the swans. Gliding there, like a picture. And, oh! There's the bridge!
Paul: teasing You are so easily pleased. Maybe we can just go home now, you seem content. But no, I already have another surprise planned for tomorrow.

organ music rises, then fades
Paul: Good morning, my dear. Are you ready for our day out?
Elise: Ready and waiting! Where are we off to?
Paul: No. No--not yet. But you'll soon see. First, to the bus station.

break for the night... just that much took me an hour! It seems ridiculous. Have you figured out yet what women are after??


InkMom said...

I can totally tell you've been there. The city, I mean. Not necessarily the surprise honeymoon.

I don't think men like that exist anymore. I mean, a surprise honeymoon? My husband could do a respectable job, but still . . . I may have some trust issues to deal with.

Erin said...

i love this. i think i have heard an old time radio show only a couple of times. i wish they would play them more.
you really captured the feeling of an old time radio show. i can't wait for the next installment!