Sunday, February 8, 2009

Day 74: Pivot

So, I had 16 followers. And now I have 15. Which made me SO SAD when I noticed. Isn't that ridiculous?? But, really, because I'm this pathetic--if anyone out there will p-lease be a lemming and click "follow" just so I can get back up to the number 16, I'll think of something good to give you. What do you want? Messy Valentine's cookies made by a 2 and 4 year old? My (not) secret recipe for homemade eggnog that's to die for? A video of me singing "I'm a little teapot, short and stout..."? If you'll be my follower, I'll try and make it up to you. *wink and grin*

Uh-hem. Now that I'm through with my groveling for the day.

I saw something in The Reader's Digest yesterday about writing your memoirs. It said that, to get started, you might want to write down 6 pivotal moments or important events in your life that you might be able to write about or expand on. Hmmm...

1. Taking a drive with my dad when I was 6 down to Utah from Idaho so he could interview for a job. Him taking that job would bring us to a new home in the middle of hundreds of acres of apple tree orchards, complete with no television reception, a treehouse, and an entire mountain as a backyard. Bliss.

2. The realization in my senior year that I was the biggest girl in choir and if I gained any more weight they would have to special order me a choir dress. Which meant I was fat. Which meant I would never have a boyfriend or get married. Which got me off my tookus and walking one mile a day with weights in my hands and, eventually, into a size 6 wedding dress. (The fact that I was ever a size 6 seems unbelievable to me now. Time to dig out those weights.)

3. A phone call from my mom on a winter afternoon on Rexburg, Idaho informing me that she wouldn't be coming up for Women's Week because I'd been hired part-time as an Especially for Youth Counselor that summer. Because of that phone call I didn't go to Alaska with my roommate, went east of the Mississippi River for the first time, met my future spouse, met my future ex-fiance, and ended up leaving on a mission 6 months later than I'd intended to.

4. Opening a big, white envelope that a letter with the words "Switzerland, Zurich Mission" on it. This would result in a whirlwind 18 months in a place that I'm still homesick for.

5. One night in the car with my best friend Dave when he said "My roommates don't understand why we're not dating." In the split-second pause that followed, that decision that I had to make of "Do I say anything? Do I confess my undying love? Do I just go ahead and propose and hope for the best?" which resulted in "I don't really understand it either..." and a very long, involved conversation. Which led to a short, involved engagement, and one happily ever after.

6. A phone call from The Spouse saying "Hey, I might have a job in Charlotte, North Carolina. What do you think of North Carolina?" My reply was, "Charlotte? Is it close to the ocean?" 4 years and two more kids later, we're still here. (And the ocean is about 3 hours away, if you were wondering.)

Anyone out there feel like sharing? Can you think of 1 or more "pivotal" moments in your life?


InkMom said...

I actually thought I was already a follower . . . so there. Back to 16.

And now I'll read the rest of your post.

Tricia said...

I thought I was one too! 17!!!

Steph @ Diapers and Divinity said...

1. Like you, hired for EFY when I didn't even know what it was.

2. When Matt called and asked me out and I said no because my roommate was in love with him, but then uncharacteristically added, "If the circumstances were different, I'd love to go out with you. I think we'd have a good time, and who knows what would happen?"

3. When I finally realized that I would probably NEVER feel ready to be a mom.

4. When I saw your teapot song video. Just kidding. :)

Cristina said...

I'm an undeclared follower :-) I read your posts every day, and I don't need an e-mail reminder to do so, so I never thought of pressing that button. I may do so now, just to see what happens. I bet I'm not the only one doing so.

In fact I'm so bad that I also read all the comments you get, which are always so nice to read as well (hello, ladies and gents! lovely comments :-)

Did I tell you how much I enjoyed your latest posts? I did, I think, but it never hurts to say it again ;-)


Denise said...

I liked this one- I enjoy your thinking. I am a follower too, so add one more- and I always read all the comments- so hi everyone. As for pivotal moments- well, I'd have to think a bit about that- and will do so, thanks for the prompt. Denise

Maree said...

Also a follower (recently). You're on my Google Reader--I don't like the "follower" feature itself. Weird, I know.

Love your pivotal moments. Now I'm trying to think about mine....

Biggest: I was NOT interested in my (now) husband because: his name is the same as my father, brother and grandfather; he's younger than me; he has facial hair; and he was still in school. A good friend simply told me that I might be missing out on something great because of some pretty idiotic reasons....the rest is history.