Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Day 33: Christmas letter

So, I got an e-mail today from Michelle Obama. The subject was "Happy Holidays" and she suggested that everyone give to their favorite charities this holiday, and if they didn't have a favorite charity, to donate to a food bank or send a care package to a soldier. (That woman has class, I tell you.) But I got wondering, if I was actually a family friend and was getting their annual Christmas letter--what would it say this year? Pretending, for a second, that it wouldn't be printed on gorgeous Crane stationery and hand written by paid calligraphers, but that it was printed on a home printer or on the back of a photocard from Walmart. Can you imagine???

"Dear Friends and Family,

It's been a great year for the Obama family!

We had a busy year with lots of travelling. In between it all, Malea got her braces off and Sasha learned to play duets on the piano. They're nervous but excited about their new school in January.

Barack got a new job, as you may have heard, that starts in January and will require us to relocate. We look forward to getting settled in our new house, and seeing the sights of a new city...."

I mean, seriously. I'd love to get my hands on a copy of their yearly rundown. Which begs the question--what did Hilary Clinton write on hers? Or John McCain? Hmmm...

Dear Friends,

It was a long, eventful year for the McCain family. Cindy looks as fabulous as ever (shout out to Dr. Ferrari!) and was excited to have some of her secret family recipes published on our blog. John kept busy with work, as usual, but we managed to do some traveling together and see some states we hadn't seen before as well as visit with some old friends. (So many friends have moved to Florida!) Of course, we made a lot of new friends along the way. We're both glad that John's work has slowed down, and are looking forward to grilling with lots of you and spending some quality time with our golf clubs sometime soon....

Or, printed in bulk...

Esteemed Colleagues,

At this season of festivity, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support over the past year. Although life does not always turn out like we would hope, we know that tomorrow is another day.

Best wishes,
Hilary Clinton

Hm.... I wonder... if anyone does know these people, and gets one of their Christmas cards, let me know what they actually say!

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