Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Day 25: Uptown

I know, I know. I missed a day. I sure have a cute reason, though. Here's a picture of my baby girl, all hooked up to her EEG dreadlocks and looking mighty snazzy. (She hates them, but seems to slowly be getting used to having them.) With the pink tape to keep everything on and together, she kind of looks like a Christmas present.

We're at one of the gigantic hospitals uptown, which has a really wonderful children's hospital. (My other two kids came to visit last night and could've stayed a good loooooong while.) I feel so blessed that we've never had reason to come to one of these places with a truly *sick* or hurt child. We've had our encounters, like now, but we've never had to become intimately acquainted.

One thing that always amazes me about places like this, whether it was Primary Children's Medical Center in the west, the NICU at our local hospital, or this big children's ward, is how good the people are around here. From the nurses to the doctors to the child life specialists that bring mobiles and rocking chairs and make sure that everyone is happy. I know it's their job, and they get paid for it. But no one paid our neonatologist to sing to his patients, which he often did with a beautiful baratone voice. And no one paid our NICU nurses to cuddle our little girl when she was feeling sick. I appreciate how many extra-miles these people go in a day, just because of who they are.

Christmas is an especially great time to be in a hospital like this because people are stopping by and visiting. Yesterday we had some hockey players from the Charlotte Checkers bring tickets and stuffed animals, then Santa Claus with goodies and a gift, followed some girls from Girls on the Run brought handmade Christmas cards and a soft, plush gorilla. Right after they left, some volunteers came with their service dogs. It made my day so much brighter and less lonely, even if my baby is too little to really appreciate it.

So that's why I didn't write yesterday. Because I was sitting in a children's hospital, rocking my baby, and basking in the goodness of people at Christmastime.


RaT Babies said...

Love hearing about "The Spirit of Christmas" it makes my heart glad when people reach out to those in need for whatever reason. We are praying for your sweet baby girl that these tests will bring some much needed answers.

Steph @ Diapers and Divinity said...

Ack! I need more information. We spent several days in Pediatric ICU there ourselves and I know some of what you speak. You are, of course, absolutely right to rock your baby instead of blogging. I should probably do more of that myself, sick or not.