Monday, May 11, 2009

Scheduled Maintenance...

Hi. :)

I spent some time tonight editing a few things and, most importantly, putting together chapter lists. You'll notice on the sidebar two new buttons, one for Lavinia and one for Fields of Gold. If you click on those, they'll take you to a Table of Contents for each story, so you can read them by chapter. For Lavinia, I've also added a link at the bottom of each chapter to the next day.

New installment tomorrow: the big talk between Charles and Lavinia, circa 1855. Yeehaw. ;)


shelley said...

hi becca,
congrats on taking the plunge to become a writer! i'm new here and will have you bookmarked to comeback since you are up to chaper 13, and i don't have but a few more minutes before i have to go make din din for the family. but i wanted to say "hi" and let you know i'm now following you from mbc. stop by and say "hi!"

Bryce said...

Sis Riding, you're amazing! What an awesome way to organize your work - so nifty! And you've written so much! You're an inspiration, keep it going! :)