Sunday, May 3, 2009

Day 134: Lavinia, clarifying

Just--really quick, and since all of my creative energy was completely tapped into and drained by my children many hours ago, a quick clarification on the current story for those who are confused:

There are two Lavinias.

One Lavinia lives in central England circa 1835.
One Lavinia lives in Los Angeles circa 2009.

Does that help??? (I know, I need to make it more clear in the writing, but I felt like if I just put that out there, while I continue to slaughter this rough draft, it might at least make it bearable.)



Denise said...

I'm following along okay, but the transition from setting to setting must be mind boggling for you. For feedback, I'm enjoying each story line on it's own merit, either could honestly stand alone- so I am intrigued by the possibilities will they become a part of the same story? Thanks for more good reading- I wondered what you'd come up with to attract me like "Fields of Gold" did. I was hooked on that one- couldn't go to bed without checking in everynight for a new chapter. Denise

Erin said...

for me it was clear enough that there were two lavinias. i am really enjoying both their stories and can't wait to see how their lives are connected.