Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Final Frontier

Here's the thing about celiac disease: there are so few things that you can eat that you feel like the things you're allowed to eat, you should be able to eat as much of them as you want. As often as you want.

Which, for me, means Frosties.

Because they're gluten free.

This is a revolution for me. In the Bread Years (as they will hence be known. I also considered the Good Years or the Tasty Years, but I digress) I would have a Frosty on rare, special occasions. Sometimes when travelling. Delicious, chocolate smoothness. Mmm.

But now?

Just don't be surprised if you see my ancient minivan, which resembles a sheep, pulling into the local Wendy's once a week. Or once a day.

Welcome to the Final Frontier. In search of all things Gluten Free. Especially Gluten Free things that are convenient, cheap, fast, and don't taste like cardboard/gruel/poop.

And Frosties so pleasantly fulfill every single one of those requirements.

Bless them.


Steph @ Diapers and Divinity said...

I think I'll go eat a frosty in your honor. Because I'm nice like that.

Erin said...

poop. hehehe.

you deserve all the frosties in the world becca!

MommyJ said...

um, add me to the "will eat a frosty today" list. :)

Nanny Dee said...

Hi Becca -- I found this great gluten-free blog last week with yummy recipes:

I might have mentioned it before, but I eat wheat-free (not all gluten)because it worsens my asthma. I use less medications since going wheat-free a few years ago.

Check Amy's blog out!

Maree said...

Mmmmmm....Frosties!!! I don't think Wendy's is open this early in the morning though.

I was just wondering about you yesterday, missing the Clementine story and wondering how you were doing. It was my intention to look you up today and send a note/comment to let you know that I missed you in the blogsphere. Welcome back.

Here's to Frosties!

Mandi said...

I'm all about flavored rice cakes.

Sorry for your loss. (of the tasty years) Love ya.

The Smiths said...

Hey, frosties aren't that bad. They're full of Calcium, right? ;)

jani said...

So my ND wants me off dairy.... and maybe even gluten... the labs are pending. I can handle going dairy free- I did it whilst pregnant with #3- but if he tells me I can't do gluten, I may loose it... Please tell me its do-able (without completely busting my budget) with three young kids and a crazy life!!! *nervous laugh* I really honestly don't think I could do it.

Margaret said...

Following from MBC!

Christina said...

Yup. I second Steph's notion to have a frosty in your honor. It's the least we can do, right?


Denise said...

Well- now that we're probably safely beyond any more comments- You're pretty much spot on with so much in life. The bread years is good- though I never enjoyed it like you did. Cardboard/gruel/poop is also very descriptive- sadly, texture is the problem, isn't it? I have grown to enjoy my lettuce wraps- especially with home grown tomatoes. Try one (or two) then go get yourself a Frosty. as for me, well, now just where did I hide that dove bar? Love you! M