Saturday, November 29, 2008

Day 8: A few thoughts on writing...

First off, I just wanted to thank everyone (every single one of you) for your comments and e-mails. They have been like getting A grades on papers (okay, with that one C from my mom... *grin*) and helped me to want to write more. Thanks!!!

When I first started painting several years ago, I was surprised at how I looked at the world differently. I started looking at trees, and rather than seeing green leaves, I saw green with a hint of yellow and silver. I started seeing things the way I would need to see them in order to paint them. After one week of writing, I'm beginning to see the world this way. Little things will trigger a "How would I write about that?" response. I am loving it. I've also (and you may have noticed this) stopped using a prompt every day and just started writing what's in my head. I know I'll probably run out of things and turn back to these books to get me going, but for now, I'm happy to find out what I can do on my own. :)

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